We LOVE Dogs!

Love them. ┬áLike, we have a lot of them… Especially Doodles. And the herd is growing. At Creekside, it’s a family affair, with Lisa & Clay heading up the Doodle Business in Peoria, IL and Lisa’s parents, Pete & Sallie adding on in Canton, IL.

As our shirts and stickers say, “Doodles are my Spirit Animal”!

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Border Doodle Babies!

Our first litter of BorDoodles (1/2 Border Collie & 1/2 Poodle) are here. And we must say, they are about the cutest thing we’ve seen!!!

Our Dogs LOVE their BarkBox

Each month, a new box of goodies arrives for our Furbabies. Treats, toys, and more!!

Sign Your Furbaby up for their own BarkBox! It’s like having a birthday every month!

Life's Abundance

Just like us, diet and exercise play a huge part of your dog’s health. After much consideration, we’ve chosen Life’s Abundance for our dogs.

Running Amok Blog Posts

4 Favorite Healthy Dog Treat Recipes

Everybody likes treats and your dog is no exception. We all want to give our furry friends what they want and reward them for being good with some tasty morsel. However, sometimes it's hard to find treats for our dogs that are also safe and healthy. Its been so cold...
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How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

Let's go for a walk! Your dog needs daily exercise, just like you, but how MUCH exercise does a dog actually need? Well, according to www.petmd.com dogs should get between 30 minutes and 2 hours of daily exercise. The working, herding and sporting breeds require more...
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Why are you Barking?

Ask your dog to work for his food, even if that is just performing a simple "sit" command. This will reinforce your role as the leader. Nuisance barking is one of the most annoying things your dog can do. Aside from just giving you a headache, it can make your...
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Doodle FAQs

We get asked a TON of questions about Doodles, and that’s a good thing! We’ve selected some of the questions we hear the most and provided answers to them. Still have questions? Some answers not clear enough? Some answers cause more questions? Feel free to email, call, text, or Facebook us!!! We LOVE answering questions on Doodles! See our most common Doodle questions on our FAQ page.

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