Creekside Guardian Program

An Alternative Path to Puppy Ownership!


What is a Guardian Home?

As we’ve said, we love our dogs. We want the highest quality life for them. We believe each dog deserves daily attention, affection, exercise and care. To be sure each dog receives just that, we limit the number of dogs that live with us in our homes. In order to continue to breed high-quality doodles, we seek out families that would be a good fit with our own Creekside Family to become Guardians. These families receive the pick of the litter puppy, to love and keep as their own, for little to no cost. When of breeding age, the female dog will come back to us during her heat cycle. She will return to the guardian family after breeding to remain until 1 week before her due date. Then she shall return to Creekside to birth her pups. Guardians are welcome to come visit their dog and her new pups and will be compensated for the time their dog is absent from them. When her pups are 7-8 weeks of age, mom shall return to her guardian home. After she has birthed the specified number of litters, the momma shall be retired to live out her life with her guardian family.

What Makes a Good Guardian Home?

  • ┬áPrevious dog experience
  • Must own and live in a home with fully fenced yard
  • Must keep the dog on a leash or in fenced area
  • Must be willing to train the dog basic obedience commands
  • Must ensure the puppy is socialized with humans and other animals
  • Must provide appropriate veterinary or emergency care when needed
  • Must feed Creekside’s recommended dog food
  • Must be able to identify onset of heat cycle and notify breeder
  • Must not allow female in heat near intact males
  • Must not allow female to breed with any dog
  • Must communicate, cooperate and coordinate with the breeder regarding breeding, whelping and all aspects of dog care.


If you think you might be interested in becoming a Creekside Guardian, please read through the application and contact us at 309-363-5738.


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