Double Doodles are on the way!

Double the Fun!

Double Doodles will be here soon!

What is a Double Doodle you ask? A Double Doodle is a mix of labrador, golden retriever and poodle. This means they will have very soft fleece to wool coats and should be low to non-shedding and very allergy friendly. Double Doodles are $1,400.00.


Please feel free to call us or email with any questions! Our puppies can go home at 8 weeks and will have been vet checked, had first round of vaccines, been microchipped and dewormed. Picks of the litter are made in the order deposits are received. First and second pick of the litter will require payment in full to reserve. Subsequent picks require a $200 deposit to reserve your puppy.

Sparkles - Mom

Rocco - Dad

Last Call for Sparkles Double Doodle Pups…

I know we’ve said before that Sparkles was ready to retire but we just had to have one final litter of pups with her before we spay her. She produces SUCH sweet and beautiful pups we couldn’t stand to have her retire without keeping just one more of her daughters to preserve her line. Several of her past pups have gone on to do service and therapy work. We kept Rue from her last litter a year and a half ago and she is one of the sweetest dogs with the best coat.  Double Doodles typically have very soft, allergy friendly coats and shed little if at all. Sparkles pups should range from 40-60 pounds and will be wonderful at therapy work, emotional support, even service work. Or, they’ll be equally as happy cuddling up on your couch in the evenings. We bred this litter specifically because we have had several inquiries about service and therapy dogs recently. If you have been thinking about one, please contact us soon as the reserve list will fil quickly.

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Rue - Mom

Hannibal - Dad

Rue is due with her first litter of Double Doodles with Hannibal on Sept 28th!

We could not be more excited for this litter! Rue’s unique color coupled with Hannibal’s color and markings should make for a very interesting and beautiful litter as far as colors go. We should expect reds, brindles and silver beige pups with white markings. Rue is on the smaller side at 40 pounds so we hope to get a range of sizes from 40-70 pounds with this litter as well. The pups should have soft, wavy coats and should be low to non-shedding. I expect this litter to go quickly as their colors will likely be uncommon. Rue exhibits her mother’s sweet, people pleasing personality and we know she will pass that on to her own pups as well. Hannibal has his mother’s gentle soul and he is known to pass that down to his offspring. This should be a fabulous litter of pups and we can’t wait to meet them!

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