Currently Available Labradoodles and Double Doodles Are Listed Below!

All our doodles will have been vet checked, had first round of vaccines, been microchipped and dewormed 3x. All labradoodles, aussiedoodles, and double doodles are well socialized with other dogs and have been handled since birth. They have begun litter box training for an easier transition to house breaking. Puppies go home with a “puppy kit” that includes treats, toys, and a piece of blanket that smells like mom. 

You can call or text Lisa at 309-363-5738 for Doodle questions.

Severus (F2b Labradoodle Male) $1,000.00

Severus is a seal abstract male with a curly coat. He’s the smallest of the boys in his litter and is such a sweet little love He would be a great therapy prospect..

Bellatrix (F2b Labradoodle Female) $1,000.00

Bellatrix is a seal abstract female with a very thick wavy fleece coat. She is a bit smaller than her sister Luna and is a total sweetheart. 

Shenzi(F1 Labradoodle Female) $1,000.00

Shenzi is a wolf sable, a little on the energetic side but super sweet and very kissy. She would make a great hiking or jogging companion.

Moto(F1 Labradoodle Male) $1,000.00

Moto is a sable phantom with white on his chest. Is is a big, wiggly ball of puppy kisses and loves everyone he meets. Moto would do well as a therapy or ESA dog.

Piper (female multigen labradoodle) $1200

Piper is a beautiful blonde female with a curly coat. She should be nonshedding and allergy friendly. Piper has begun crate and potty traiing and is doing well on a leash. She also has “sit” figured out and is pretty consistent with it. Piper is sweet, silly and loves attention as well as playing with her toys.

Luke ( male Double Doodle) $1500

Luke is a double doodle with a shorter, straight but super super soft coat. He may shed some but I could literally pet this dood all day. Such SOFT fluff! He’s a sweet guy with a silly streak, loves toys and playing tug with his brothers.

Han (male Double Doodle) $1500

Han is the largest of his litter and has a great soft coat with just a hint of wave. He will be silver/white particolor as an adult. He is a big love with a particular interest in belly rubs.

Chewy (male Double Doodle) $1500

Chewy is a silver beige male with a wavy fleece coat. He should be low to nonshedding and allergy friendly as an adult. Chewy is a little smaller than his two brothers  and is full of silly puppy energy. He loves to give puppy kisses and enjoys games of chase.

If you’re interested in one of our Doodles, please fill out the puppy application and we’ll be in touch ASAP. Click the button to get started!

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