Two litters to choose from!

Kona and Dobby have their first litter of Aussiedoodle pups and we are SO excited!! Only Four pups remain available so don’t wait too long to get in touch!

Please feel free to call us or email with any questions! Our puppies can go home at 8 weeks and will have been vet checked, had first round of vaccines, been microchipped and dewormed.Visit our FAQ page for information around shedding, doodle generations, and more. Picks of the litter are made in the order deposits are received. First and second pick of the litter will require payment in full to reserve. Subsequent picks require a $200 deposit to reserve your puppy.

Kona (female)

Kona had 7 adorable little F2b labradoodle pups Dec 12th and they are stunning! She is a first time mama and we are so proud of how quickly and how well she has taken to this job. She LOVES her puppies and we are excited to show them off! Stay tuned for individual pics of these beauties!

Dobby (male)

Dobby is our sable partiolor poodle and we just love his sweet disposition and his calm nature. Dobby is a gentle soul and loves his people. He gets along well with our other dogs and is a great example of the temperament we are shooting for here.

Maggie (female)

Maggie is sweet with a touch of sass. She loves to cuddle and loves dinner time. 

Oscar (male)

Oscar is not afraid to give his opinion. He is brave and confident and just a teensy bit vocal.

Dolly (female)

We’ve dubbed Dolly the nap queen because she takes her naps very seriously. She is also really good at puppy kisses.

Wally (male)

Wally is a bit smaller than his two brothers and is a sweet, calm guy. He prefers to watch and get to know new people a little more slowly.

Gemma (female)

Gemma is our blue merle Aussiedoodle and is the daughter of Sioux and Sam. Gemma is sweet, goofy, sometimes vocal but always adorable. She is loving life with her guardian family and her doodle sister. Gemma’s pups are equally as adorable as their mother and inherit her sweet, goofy nature as well.

Chewy (male)

Chewy is a red, moyen poodle. He’s 2 years old and lives nearby us with his mom, Anni. He’s a sweet wonderful guy who weighs about 20 lbs. We’re excited to see his and Gemma’s pups as they get older.

Raven (female)

Raven is a black female with a curly coat. She is sweet and cuddly with a silly side and will make a great addition to just about any family.

Lark (female)

Lark is a smaller black female with a curly coat. This girl loves attention and is great with kids. She will give you all the puppy kisses you can handle.

Robin female)

Robin is a red female with a wavy fleece coat. She is sweet and snuggly, a little playful and all adorable. She’d make a great family companion or walking/running buddy.

Hawk (male)

Hawk is an apricot male with a curly wool coat. He is confident and spunky with a little bit of sass. He’s as cute as they come and would fit right in to an active family.

Drake (male)

Drake is a dark red male with a wavy fleece coat. He is laid back and sweet, loves to take naps and cuddle. Drake would be a fabulous family companion or ESA prospect.

Griffon (male)

Griffon is a black male with a wavy fleece coat. He is mostly a quiet guy with a playful side. Griffon would be a great family pet or therapy dog.

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