Multigen Doodles

Multiple Factors of Cuteness!

Cinder has multigen labradoodle pups!!! These pups will be super allergy friendly, curly coated and nonshedding. Cinder’s babies are black (likely to fade to silver) and black and white parti (also likely to fade)! They are $1400 and only a few are left available. Don’t miss out on one of these cuties!


Cinder is our silver F1b labradoodle mama. This girl is so very sweet and calm, loves her people and her puppies. She is athletic but not overly rambunctious and is just the best mama to her puppies!


Dobby is our sable particolor poodle and he is a gentle soul. Dobby is well mannered and friendly, a little reserved with strangers but such a love once he gets comfortable with you. Plus, he has the BEST eyelashes!


Mickey is a black male with white feet who will likely fade to silver as he matures.


Ludwig is a black and white particolor male, likelt to be silver and white parti as an adult


Simba’s particolor coat is striking! As he martures the black may become silver and that will be beautiful as well.


Ludwig is a black and white particolor male, likely to be silver and white parti as an adult.

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