Specially Priced Doodles - Time and Doodles are running out!

The Creekside Family is expecting several new litters of puppies soon. Because we want to be able to dedicate lots of time to these new arrivals, we are discounting a few of our beautiful Labradoodles and Bordoodles. They will all be vet checked, microchipped, health guaranteed and well loved just like all of our babies here at Creekside. We simply want the best families and all the attention they deserve for each one of our little beauties! 

Please contact us for more info or to schedule a visit. 309-363-5738 or ladeal@comcast.net


Puppy Application

F1bb Labradoodles

Reduced from $1,400.00 to $1,000.00!

Cinder and Dobby

Cinder and Dobby have 4 beautiful F1bb labradoodle boys available from their litter of 10 pups.. Cinder is a sweet girl with a gentle and calm personality and Dobby is such a sweet, gentle soul. These puppies will be nonshedding and allergy friendly and we know they’ll inherit their parents sweet, trainable natures as well. .


Huey is a sweet Black and white bicolor F1bb Labradoodle. He has a wool coat that should be nonshedding and allergy friendly. Huey is a playful guy with a cuddly side and we think he would make a fabulous family companion.


Mickey is a beautiful black abstract F1bb labradoodle. He is sweet and gentle, cuddly and allergy friendly. His curly wool coat won’t shed all over your furniture either. Mickey would make a great family pet or ESA prospect.


Simba is an adorable black and white particolor F1bb labradoodle. He is a natural at cuddling and loves to spend time with his people. Simba will have a curly wool coat that is allergy friendly and nonshedding. He would be a great ESA or therapy prospect with his sweet demeanor.


Ludwig is our last black and white particolor pup from the Cinder and Dobby litter. He is sweet and cuddly like his brothers with a laid back personality. Ludwig would be a great family companion and possibly a good therapy dog prospect as well. He will have a curly wool coat that will be nonshedding and allergy friendly.

JUST ONE LAST AUSSIEDOODLE! reduced from $1,400.00 to $1100.00

Grace & Sam Pups

eGrace and Sam have just one last Aussiedoodle boy available. Grace has such a sweet, loving personality and Sam is a gentle soul with a goofy side.  We expect thes pups to be athletic and easily trainable as well as cuddly and sweet. 


Bane is the last pup from Grace and Sam and one of Sam’s last pups ever. Sam has recently retired to his guardian home and won’t be fathering any more babies for us. Bane is a sweet guy with a playful personality who loves to snuggle up as well. He will keep you laughing at his goofy antics and would make a great family pet or jogging buddy.


Sadie and Dobby hae a few bordoodle pups left available from their recent litter of 11. These pups are simply awesome and so so smart! Plus, they are ADORABLE!! Don’t wait until they are gone!

Sadie and Dobby pups

Sadie is our Super sweet and oh so smart F1 bordoodle mama. She is a gentle soul and simply LOVES to be with her people as much as possible. She picks up on new commands and behaviors so quickly and easily we can’t wait to see what her pups can accomplish.


Abigail is a beautiful chocolate particolor F1b bordoodle. She is sweet and spunky, loves to play and is a champ at giving puppy kisses. Abby is smart and attentive, always interested in her surroundings and seldom shy about meeting new people. This girl has curls for days already and will have a nonshedding, allergy friendly coat.


Isabel is a beautiful wolf sable particolor F1b bordoodle. She has a silky soft coat that should mature into a wavy fleece. Isabel is quiet and more reserved than her adventurous sister Abby. She is sweet and cuddly and loves to sit on your lap for naps.


Linus is our black tuxedo F1b bordoodle boy. He is the largest pup of his litter and will most likely weigh around 55-60 pounds as an adult. Linus is playful and spunky, loves to explore and meet new people. He has a wavy fleece coat that should be low shed and allergy friendly, This guy would make a great family companion or therapy dog prospect. 


Basher is our itty bitty red and white particolor bordoodle. At less than half Linus’ size, we expect Basher to mature at around 35 pounds or so. He is just the right mix of sweet and sassy and is oh so cute! His coat should mature into a curly wool that will be nonshedding and allergy friendly. This little guy is such a unique color and such a big personality in a tiny package!

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