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The families at Creekside Doodles have been raising dogs for over 20 years. We take the utmost care and responsibility when breeding our dogs and assisting families to find the right dog for them. Our doodle lineup includes labradoodles, aussiedoodles, bordoodles and double doodles. Please feel free to contact us with questions about what doodle might be right for you or visit our FAQ page for information around shedding, doodle generations, and more.

Our reserve lists are filling up. If you’re interested in a doodle, please fill out an application and we’ll be in touch to discuss next steps. Located in Central Illinois (Peoria, IL & Canton, IL) we are short drive from Chicago and St. Louis. We can travel to meet families for delivery.

Puppies Currently Available for Homes!

Holly ( F1 Bordoodle) - guardian prospect

Holly is a silver beige and white F1 bordoodle with a fleece coat. She should be around 50 pounds when she is finished growing. Holly is a year old and is the sweetest girl! She is a bit submissive and needs to build her confidence, something we are currently working on. She is crate trained, potty trained and is learning her basic commands now as well. Holly is a part of our Guardianship Program, meaning she is meant to be a part of our breeding program one day soon but will live with a family of her very own. For more information on guardianship of Holly or one of our other breeding dogs, email me at 

Binx -male double doodle- $1500

Binx is a black male double doodle from Izzy and Moose’s litter. He is a sweet boy and LOVES attention. Binx will have a flat coat much like a lab though so he won’t have the typical doodle look. He WILL have all of the traits that make doods our favorite though.. the brains, the eagerness to please, the cuddly nature, the strong bond with his family. He just comes with a really low maintenance coat that won’t require trips to the groomer!

double doodle male pup playing near blanket

Annie - female F1 labradoodle - $1,500

Annie is a blonde female F1 labradoodle from Nala and Rocco’s fall litter.  Annie’s unique liver points give her a bit different look than her blonde siblings with the typical black points. She is very sweet, goofy and eager to please as well. Annie always has her nose to the gorund sniffing and is always up for adventures. She is athletic, smart and loves to learn new things. Annie will make a great family companion, jogging partner etc.

double doodle male pup on grass

Carrie (female F1 labradoodle) $1,500

Carrie is a siilver beige F1 labradoodle. Her coat is a bit straighter and shaggy, which could mean some shedding. Carrie is a sweet girl and loves to snuggle and givec kisses. She would make a great family companion or even a weekend hunter. She is currently on the lookout for an active family to call her own!

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Be Prepared for Your New Puppy!

It can be overwhelming to think about all the items you may need for your new puppy. We’ve put together a list of items we feel will make life easier for new puppy owners. 

We can’t say enough about our two Doodles from Creekside! They are smart, funny, beautiful/handsome and so very loving. Our experience with Sallie was wonderful and we always feel comfortable contacting her with any questions etc. When we were picking our first pup we visited many times and we were always made to feel welcome. Sallie told me they are like potato chips and you can’t just have one..she was right!!! So thankful for our positive experience and are wonderful fur babies..

Kelly C.

I had never had a dog growing up and have always wanted one. My husband found and researched Creekside Doodle. This has been the smoothest and easiest process and a great experience for our first puppy. We were so pleased with the entire process that we rave about Creekside Doodle to all our friends who are interested in getting a puppy. This place truly is family oriented and we could not be happier with our little guy. When we decided to get our second puppy we will definitely be coming back here!

Gina B.

Please Feel Free To Reach Out With Questions On Our Dogs and Pups! Below Are Answers To A Few Frequently Asked Questions And Items To Know:

– We do not raise “Minis”. Our dogs are standard size. Occasionally we will have medium-sized pups in the 20-40 pound range. We do not guarantee for size.

– Deposits ($200.00) are non-refundable. Due to extremely high demand, we have a waitlist process. We do our best to not take more deposits than we believe there will be pups available. It is important those who put a deposit down are serious about purchasing a Creekside puppy and not continuing to shop. Deposits are transferable to different litters if an unusual circumstance should arise.

– Pups are $2500 and balance is due before or day of pickup. Pups will have been vet checked, microchipped, de-wormed 3x, they will have begun litter training, been introduced to multiple surfaces, well socialized with other dogs and children.

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