We Love Labradoodles. Creekside Doodles all started with a labradoodle litter over a decade ago. We raise several generations of labradoodles here at Creekside Doodles and this is our longest standing breeding program.

We raise several generations of labradoodles here at Creekside Doodles and this is our longest standing breeding program. Over the past 12 years we have absolutely fallen in love with this particular hybrid. Everyone knows the labrador retriever has been the most popular dog in the United States and possibly in the world for a LONG TIME.

There is good reason for that. Labradors are intelligent, eager to learn, have a a great work ethic and are typically a good natured dog,  fit for life as a companion for individuals or as a family member. They are beautiful, have low maintenance coats and are athletic enough for an active lifestyle.  If they have been well bred the active lab also has a good “off switch” as well. The one downfall we see with labs is the shedding. It is year round, sometimes very heavy and the ONLY real issue with my now 3 labs is the constant film of black hair on every surface of the house.

IF you’re going to have labs, you will need to get a good quality vacuum and possibly an air purifier if you’ve got allergies. This is actually the reason the first labradoodles were bred over 30 years ago.

In 1989, Wally Conron, while working for the Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia had a client who needed a guide dog but whose husband had dog allergies. Mr. Conron originally felt that a standard poodle would be best suited to this client’s family. However, he had difficulty finding poodles who could pass the testing required.

Over a period of years he tried 33 standard poodles and none successfully passed the testing.  nHe eventually bred a male standard poodle to one of the Association’s female labradors, producing what became the first litter of labradoodles. A pup was chosen for the family after it was concluded that the husband had no allergy to the dog’s coat, That pup was trained, passed his testing and became her guide dog,  The term labradoodle was coined in order to garner interest in the remaining pups in the litter. It worked and the labradoodle has become increasingly popular ever since.

While we ADORE our labradoodles it is important for families to understand what they are buying before jumping into a labradoodle as a family pet. Many people are under the impression, due to unscrupulous breeders and misinformation, that a labradoodle is a generally low maintenance, easy going dog. For the most part that is not the truth of the matter. Labradoodles are amazing, with quirky personalities, adorable looks and keen minds but they are bred from sporting dogs. Those parent breeds were bred for work, such as long hours in the field retrieving birds. To think that a dog bred from high energy breeds such as the lab and poodle would be a couch potato or that a dog with a poodle ancestor would have a low maintenance coat is just not accurate. 

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Labradoodles are in fact great family dogs just like their lab and poodle parents. They are best suited for families or individuals who will give them the mental and physical exercise they need though. These dogs are energetic, intelligent, eager to please and bond very closely with their people. Labradoodles REQUIRE regular trips to the groomer in order to keep those adorable coats looking their best and keep your dog feeling its best. Any breeder who tells you the doodle breeds are low maintenance is not looking out for your or the dog’s best interest. Daily brushing is required and regular visits to a professional groomer as well.


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Overall you will find that our labradoodles are energetic, athletic, eager to please, bond closely with their people and are great dogs for those who want to include their dog in their daily adventures. They make great competition dogs for dog sports such as flyball, disc, agility etc as well. Many of our labradoodle pups are well suited for work as therapy dogs, emotional support animals and even service dogs. As labradoodle breeders we will always be transparent with you regarding each dog’s temperament, suitability for your family and allergy friendliness. Our hope is always to match the right pup so you can enjoy your labradoodle bff for years to come.

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Please feel free to call us or email with any questions! Our puppies can go home at 8 weeks and will have been vet checked, had first round of vaccines, been microchipped and dewormed.Visit our FAQ page for information around shedding, doodle generations, and more. Picks of the litter are made in the order deposits are received. First and second pick of the litter will require payment in full to reserve. Subsequent picks require a $200 deposit which are typcially non-refundable.

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