Labradoodle Puppies Currently Available!

Oodles of Doodles

Below are images and descriptions of our Labradoodle Puppies currently available at Creekside Doodles in Peoria & Canton. 

Please feel free to call us or email with any questions! Our puppies can go home at 8 weeks and will have been vet checked, had first round of vaccines, been microchipped and dewormed. Picks of the litter are made in the order deposits are received. First or second pick of the litter will require payment in full to reserve. Subsequent picks require a $200 deposit to reserve your puppy!

F1 Labradoodles

Nala and Rocco have a litter of F1 labradoodle pups!! We expect this litter to be around 55-65 pounds as adults. They should have lower maintenance coats with a more course feel and shaggy look. We expect sweet natured pups who would excel in therapy work or as sport dogs and companions.

Cruise - male $1500

Cruise is a lighter sable male and is the largest pup in his litter. He is super outgoing and affectionate. Cruise will make a great companion for an active family and would be a good therapy prospect as well.

Shelby- female $1500

Shelby is a black female with a wavy coat. She is sweet, playful and LOVES to smother you in puppy kisses. Shelby would be a great addition to an active family!

Multigen Labradoodles

Dolly and Dobby have a litter of multigen labradoodles!! This is their final litter together and we are love how they turned out!  There are just TWO pups left available from this litter and they are sweethearts too! They should be low to non-shed and allergy friendly. We expect them to be 55-65 pounds. Dolly and Dobby produce social pups with gentle temperaments and enough snuggles to make excellent companion dogs. They would also excel in therapy work.

George- male $1500

George is a black male with a wavy coat and a super cuddly temperament. He thrives on attention and wants to be wherever his people are.

Loretta- female $1500

Loretta is a black and white particolor with a curly coat and a sweet, spunky personality. She has plenty of snuggles for everyone and plenty of energy for adventures!

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