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Bordoodles are a wonderful mix of big brains and big hearts. Perfect for those looking for an active, intelligent companion.

Our bordoodles are a mix of border collie and poodle. In this cross we hope to harness the intelligence and working drive of the border collie as well as the less serious nature and allergy friendly coat of the poodle. 

About Border Collies:

Border collies consistently rank #1 on lists of most intelligent dog breeds and over the years we have found that to be very accurate. The border collie is an incredible athlete, amazingly intelligent and intuitive and has boundless energy for work and play. People typically revere these dogs for just those reasons. Whip smart, capable of amazing athletic feats and always eager to learn, the border order collie ranks highly on my list of favorite dog breeds and has since I rescued my first BC years ago. He quickly earned the title of “best dog I have ever had” and was such a quick study that we were able to work agility, obedience trials and tracking into his repertoire.

With all of that said, border collies are NOT for everyone because they are so smart, athletic and energetic. I’ve found that many families who get one had no idea what they were in for. A bored border collie can be a nightmare. It is IMPERATIVE for families to understand that this dog was bred to work hard for long hours and to be a problem solver. In the right hands they are awesome and in the wrong hands or inexperienced hands they can be a handful for sure.  

red and white standard poodle
pepper sitting

About Poodles:

The poodle is a sporting dog, bred for cold water retrieving. I’ve found so many people think that poodles are just fluffy, prissy, house dogs but that could not be further from the truth. In fact, poodles also consistently rank in the top 3 most intelligent breeds. They are also incredible athletes and have lots of energy. They do tend to be more low key than a border collie but they were also bred to work long hours in the field so we should not kid ourselves into thinking they are just a pretty ornamental breed. I have very much enjoyed the goofy, playful personalities of our poodles over the years and obviously the no shedding factor is a plus as well.  Our poodles are eager to please, quick learners and all around great dogs.

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The Bordoodle is best suited for active families. Bordoodle puppies learn super fast but they also require lots of mental and physical exercise to keep them content. If you are someone who enjoys more lazy days and naps on the couch, a bordoodle is not the dog for you. If, however, you love to lead an active life, and are prepared to add your dog to your adventures these pups might be a great addition to your family. Our bordoodles are excellent hiking and jogging partners, will excel at dog sports and many of them love to swim.  Active families willing to commit to the training and exercise needs of this breed will find a fabulous, well rounded companion dog with the energy to keep up with all of your adventures. 

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Please feel free to call, text or email ( with any questions! Our puppies can go home at 8 weeks and will have been vet checked, had first round of vaccines, been microchipped and dewormed.Visit our FAQ page for information around shedding, doodle generations, and more. Picks of the litter are made in the order deposits are received. First and second pick of the litter will require a full payment of $2500 to reserve. Subsequent picks require a $200 deposit to reserve your puppy and deposits are nonrefundable. 

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