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F1b labradoodle
Cissy is our black adult F1b labradoodle. She was born on June 14, 2013. This girl has the curliest, silkiest coat we have ever felt! She has a few individual white hairs sprinkled throughout her coat, weighs around 55 pounds, and is very gentle and loving.  Her gentle personality, fine body conformation and silky coat should come through to her offspring.


Australian Shepherd
Hadley is an ASDR and CKC registered blue eyed blue merle Australian Shepherd. She weighs 43# and stands 18” at the shoulder. Her sweet, loving personality and quiet demeanor make her one of our favorites!


F1 Labradoodle
Luna, born August 13, 2013 is our silver sable F1 Labradoodle. Her rare coloring, coupled with her sweet, gentle nature makes her a favorite around here. She is also Hannibal’s mother and we are pretty proud of how he turned out. Luna weighs around 70# so she’s a big girl and produces large litters with a wide variety of colors.


Australian Shepherd
Gracie is an Australian Shepherd who was born 9-12-15. She is the newest addition to the Creekside Peoria family. She is very interested in all of her surroundings, but is extremely even tempered. She loves our kids and is fitting in very well with her new brothers and sisters!


F1b Labradoodle

Cinder, an F1b silver labradoodle, was born on July 21, 2016. She is a large girl, athletically  built with a sweet, gentle personality and curly fleece coat. Born black, she has continued to lighten to a beautiful silver. We have high hopes for this young lady to produce some amazing puppies in the future.


Australian Sheperd
Sioux is an Australian Shepherd who was born 6-26-15. She is the newest addition to the Creekside Canton family. She is a ball of energy and LOVES everyone. She is happy, happy, happy all the time and has made quick friends with her new brothers and sisters.


Black Lab
Born March 2, 2015, Eve is an AKC registered black Labrador retriever and is a daughter of Siren. Eve also has great retrieving instincts, a soft mouth and wonderful conformation. She is by far the fastest dog in our yard and is extremely athletic and high energy. Smaller than her mother, she weighs only 55# but is also an excellent mother.



Nala is a phantom labrador retriever. A rare find as this color pattern is not common in labs. However, we guarantee she is in fact ALL lab, AKC registered and we’ve done DNA testing just in case anyone second guesses it. Nala is a sweet girl who we affectionately refer to as “squishy face” and she loves snuggles and games of fetch. We hope to see some phantom doodle puppies in the future with this girl!


F1 Labradoodle
Ellie, born February 3, 2016, is a black F1 Labradoodle and is another of Siren’s daughters. She is parti-factored since her father was a white and black particolor poodle. We are convinced she will pass on her sweet nature and trainability to her offspring.


Sugar is originally from an Indiana family of red pointing labs. She is AKC registered with mostly red dogs in her pedigree. We are looking forward to some red F1s from Sugar and Sam! She’s got a sweet personality that we are sure will get passed onto her babies!


Harley is an 65 pound, AKC registered chocolate lab with lots of energy and great conformation. She loves to fetch, sit and run in circles!! WE are expecting her to produce some beautiful F1 doodles!!



Sadie is our smallest girl, weighing in a 29 pounds. She is an F1 Bordoodle (border collie and poodle mix) and is extremely intelligent and sensitive. Sadie has the gentle soul and eagerness to learn that would make her an excellent therapy dog. She is also quick and agile, making her a great agility prospect. Her pups should be highly intelligent, athletic and even tempered.

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