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The Best Doodle Moms Around!


Ellie is a black F1 labradoodle and a daughter of Siren ( our foundation mama). Ellie is athletic, LOVES her people dearly and has a generally sweet disposition. She is a wonderful mama and produces some truly beautiful pups, a couple of whom have gone on to become therapy dogs! We expect to see more great pups out of Ellie in the future and we thoroughly enjoy her company and her silly antics each day!


Coco is a silver beige multigen labradoodle out of Cissy and Hannibal. She is medium sized at around 45 pounds and is a very sweet girl. Coco has a non-shedding wool coat that she will pass on to her pups along with her sweet personality. She has been raised in a guardian home with kids and is a gentle soul who loves to cuddle with her people and gets along well with other dogs.


Lizzie is our red merle Aussiedoodle, a sister to Gemma and the daughter of Sioux and Sam. Lizzie is feisty like her mama but is a sweet, calm girl in the house. She loves her people, especially Pete, and really thinks she is meant to be a lapdog. We expect her pups to inherit her cuddly streak along with her intelligence and spunk.


Poppy is a sister to Ginny and is a red F1 labradoodle. She weighs in at around 50 pounds and is energetic and smart. Poppy loves kids and is a wonderful addition to her guardian family. She is also parti-factored like her sister, Ginny and should produce pups in a range of colors and patterns.


Kona is our black bicolor Aussiedoodle and is the daughter of Grace and Sam. Kona is a sweet ball of snuggles and fluff. She is quiet and well mannered in the house, loves belly rubs and cuddles. She is also athletic and intelligent, which are traits we expect her to pass on to her pups. Her guardian family loves her to pieces and we can’t get enough of her happy personality.


Rue is a Double Doodle out of Sparkles and Rocco. This sweet girl is just 45 pounds and boasts a thick, non-shedding fleece coat in a beautiful brindle pattern. Her unique coloring and her goofy, cuddly nature make her a favorite around here. She is athletic and energetic while outside with her doggie friends but calm and collected in the house. She prefers naptime on the couch with her people to just about any activity.


Myrtle is our newest labdradoodle lady. She is a chocolate F1 with a nice deep chocolate color. Myrtle is on the smaller side at just 40lbs and has the happiest, most joyful personality. She LOVES to play and loves people. Myrtle is excited to start each day and gets along well with our other dogs. She’ll have some adorable puppies with awesome personalities!


Ginny is a daughter of Sugar and Sam and is a fabulous family pet. Ginny is athletic, social and loves to play with her brother, Moose. Ginny is partifactored and carries for several colors. We expect her pups to be gorgeous and smart like their mama!


Maggie is our chocolate merle Border Collie and she is just the sweetest! Maggie’s laid back personality will make her pups wonderful therapy prospects. We are planning ot pair her with Dobby later this summer for a fall litter of beautiful bordoodle pups. We MAY even see a blue eye or two in the litter as Maggie has one partially blue eye.  We can’t wait to meet them!


Penny is our muddy merle Aussiedoodle and is a daughter of Hadley. She is settling in nicely to her guardian family’s home. We expect her to be on the smaller side when she matures and are hoping for small/medium Aussiedoodle pups out of her eventually. Penny is sweet and smart, cuddly and a little goofy, just like her mama. And those eyes… we could stare at them all day.


Sioux is our ASCA registered blue merle Aussie. We picked her up in Mississippi on the same trip that brought us Grace. Sioux has a zest for life that can only be attributed to her aussie genes. She loves people, despises the lawn mower (it is after all evil and out to get us) and has a bit more drive than Grace. Sioux is the mother of Gemma and Lizzie, two of our Aussiedoodle mama’s and we just love this girl’s spunk and sass.


Affectionately referred to as Squishy Face, Nala is an AKC registered Phantom Labrador retriever. We love her unique coloring and her extremely sweet personality. Nala would much prefer to snuggle with her people than to play fetch. She is an all around good girl with a gentle soul and a sweet demeanor that she will pass on to her pups.

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