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Rue - Double Doodle

Rue is a Double Doodle out of Sparkles and Rocco. This sweet girl is just 45 pounds and boasts a thick, non-shedding fleece coat in a beautiful brindle pattern. Her unique coloring and her goofy, cuddly nature make her a favorite around here. She is athletic and energetic while outside with her doggie friends but calm and collected in the house. She prefers naptime on the couch with her people to just about any activity.

Pepper - poodle

Pepper is our only poodle girl at this time and she is a STUNNER. Look at that red coat! Pepper is athletic, social, eager to learn and just an all around great dog. We are so excited to have her as part of our program!

Beverly - F1 labradoodle

Sharon is a daughter of Harley and Dobby, She is a beautiful sable phantom color and has the sweetest smile. Sharon adores her guardian family and is a playful, eager to please girl. We can’t wait to meet her first litter of pups later this year!

Ruby - F1b labradoodle

Ruby is a daughter of Ginny and Chewy. Like her mama, Miss Ruby is a bit of a spitfire and likes to keep us on our toes. She is smaller at around 30lbs and has a curly wool coat that is allergy friendly. Ruby is eager to learn, athletic and loves her guardian family. She is good with kids as well as other dogs and we are excited to see what the future holds for this girl.

Lily F1b labradoodle

Lily is a daughter of Myrtle and Dobby. She is a sweet natured girl, more on the reserved side. Her best friend is her guardian mama but she also gets along well with other dogs. We love Lily’s sweet nature and know she will pass that on to her pups.

Snickerdoodle - F1 b labradoodle

Snikcerdoodle is an F1b labradoodle and is the daughter of Myrtle and Rocco. She is a sweet natured girl with a more wiry/curly coat. Snicker is great with kids. loves her guardian family and is an excellent family companion. We expect her pups to have those same qualities and we can’t wait to meet them!


Alice -aussiedoodle

Alice is a daughter of Sioux and Dobby as well as a half sister to Lizzie. Her blue merle coloring is as adorable as her cuddly temperament. Alice is well loved by her guardian family and is an eager to please girl with tons of kisses to give.

Lizzie - Aussiedoodle

Lizzie is our red merle Aussiedoodle, a sister to Gemma and the daughter of Sioux and Sam. Lizzie is feisty like her mama but is a sweet, calm girl in the house. She loves her people, especially Pete, and really thinks she is meant to be a lapdog. We expect her pups to inherit her cuddly streak along with her intelligence and spunk.

Pepper Potts- F1b Aussiedoodle

Pepper Potts is our blue merle phantom standard aussiedoodle. She is a daughter of Dobby and definitely got his sweet, calm demeanor. Ms. Potts has proven to be a great mama and we can’t wait to meet her next litter of cuties!

Birdie Mae- Aussiedoodle

Birdie Mae is our sweet, spunky F1 Aussiedoodle girl. Birdie is playful. social and eager to learn. Her wavy coat is relatively low maintenance and she also has a natural bobtail that she passes on to some of her puppies! 

HIldi- F1b Aussiedoodle

Hildi is our red F1b Aussiedoodle girl and is a daughter of Penny. We love her smaller size and her strikingh blue eyes. Hildi is a spunky girl with lots of personality and we can’t wait to meet her future puppies!

Patches- Aussiedoodle

Patches is our F1b blue merle aussiedoodle and another daughter of Penny. She will be a future mama here at Creekside and we are so excited to see her future puppies! Patches is a sweetheart and loves her guardian family, playing with other dogs and cuddles.

Maggie - border collie

Maggie is our chocolate merle Border Collie and she is just the sweetest! Maggie’s laid back personality makes her pups wonderful therapy prospects. We are planning to pair her with Dobby later this summer for a fall litter of beautiful bordoodle pups. 

Holly - bordoodle

Holly is our F1 bordoodle and the daughter of Maggie and Dobby. Holly is around 40 pounds and has a great, eager to please personality that makes her such a joy to train. She is social and gets along well with our other dogs, athletic and eager to learn. Holly passes down her herding drive and athletcisim to her pups, making many of them excellent prospects for dog sports of all kinds.

Olive - bordoodle

Olive is an F1b biordoodle and the daughter of Holly and Chewy. She is a smaller girl at just 30 lbs and is very sweet natured. Olive LOVES to be held like a baby and is very people oriented and eager to please. We expect these traits to be carried over in her pups as well. SHe has a great herding drive and her speed and agility would lend themselves well to competitive agility as well as other dog sports. 

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