What Should I Feed My Puppy? What Food Do You Recommend?

What Should I Feed My Doodle???


In the past we’ve fed our dogs and puppies IAMS because it was widely available and was branded as a “premium” dog food. That premium branding leads consumers to believe we are feeding our dogs something healthy and nutritious but if we look at the ingredients more closely we see a different story. We see things like animal by products, dyes, additives and preservatives we can barely pronounce in most major pet food brands. Animal byproducts are the parts of the animal deemed unfit for human consumption; bones, beaks, feet, meat from diseased animals, contaminated slaughterhouse meats…you name it and it’s allowed to be in your dog’s food. Chemicals like BHA and BHT are known carcinogens but are added to the food to prolong shelf life to months or even years!  Luckily, we discovered there are a couple of smaller company’s out there we can trust to have our dogs’ best interests in mind. We currently use  mainly PawTree brand dog foods.


We all know inherently, that proper nutrition is one of the most important factors in our health and longevity. The same is true for our pets. Genetically speaking, our pets are wired to live as long as 20 years but due to improper diets, the current average is closer to 13-15 years. Some say as much as 60% of degenerative disease can be attributed to diet.


The good news is we have found companies we truly believe are different; guaranteed fresh foods that are delivered directly to our door, full of high quality ingredients..


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What if My Dog Can’t Eat Chicken? Or is a picky eater?


While we love our LA food and will continue to feed it to some of our dogs, we also acknowledge that not every food works for every dog. There have been a few of you whose dogs simply don’t do well with the chicken based food. Whether that is an allergy or simply a preference, we wanted to be sure we had something in our recommended diets that would work for those whose pups are anti-chicken. We’ve been on the hunt for a company and a food that meet our high standards and compare to LA in quality and safety. We found that in PawTree. Once again, its a smaller company with the goal to improve the lives of pets and their people. That is a huge reason why we are proud do be offering foods from PawTree! We truly want the best for each of our pups and yours. The foods this company offers are top quality, our dogs love them, and there is something for every dog’s tastes. We have several protein sources to choose from with this food from lamb and duck to turkey and chicken. And now we are able to offer some tasty toppings for picky eaters that are still healthy for your pup as well.  Check it out at  We are happy to answer questions!


 What about taking home a new puppy? Don’t they get stressed?


It’s true that puppies’ immune systems can get a little stressed during the time period when they are going to new homes. Consider that they are not only going to a new family and a new unfamiliar environment (stressful) but they have also recently been weaned ( I assure you they don’t appreciate it when mom says “no more milk”) and have had a vet visit that includes vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, unfamiliar faces and hands touching them. Considering all of this, and knowing that a stressed immune system is not as effective as it should be, we add NuVet supplements to our pups’ diets. This fills that gap in immunity all puppies have. Shorlty after birth, the maternal antibodies pups get from their mother’s colostrum are reduced. By 8 weeks, when most are going to new homes, the immune system is at a vulnerable point. Once the pup goes home, the stress of a new environment can further lower their immunity as they are also introduced to new bacteria and viruses in the new environment.  This is the same time period when vaccines are given and vaccines are far more effective when the immune system is strong and functioning properly. Starting NuVet at a young age is important for this reason. We want to give our pups the best support for their young immune systems so they can grow into healthy adults.  For adult dogs, the antioxidants, amino acids , vitamins and minerals in the NuVet supplements help maintain peak performance during the prime of their lives. For older dogs it also helps fill the nutritional gaps to keep them happy, healthy and productive in their senior years.  Check out the supplements at for more information or to try some yourself. We guarantee your dog will love the taste (Eve broke into our sample packs and ate nearly all of them because she likes them so much)




Our goal at Creekside Doodles is to provide you with a happy, healthy pup with an awesome temperament and we really feel that great nutrition choices will help us to do that. The products  we recommend were formulated and are backed by veterinarians and animal nutritionists for a diet that is healthy and tasty! We guarantee your dogs will love these options and you will love the results you see. You’ll find healthier coats, brighter eyes, improved energy levels and less waste when feeding foods that nourish your dog without adding a bunch of junk he doesn’t need.


We have switched all of our Adult dogs to PawTree at this time. We too have a couple whose tummies just don’t agree with the chicken base. We are raising our pups on these foods as well and feel strongly that this will help to ensure long and healthy lives for our dogs and their pups. At first glance the foods do seem more expensive than store bought brands. However, we have to remember that because the food has a higher calorie count and is more nutritionally dense, we’ll be feeding LESS of it. As an added bonus, this means the dogs will be able to readily digest more of the food and will produce less waste! This is great news! Longer lives, healthier dogs AND less mess to clean up.


Lisa Deal
Owner, Creekside Doodles


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