Why Life’s Abundance?

We often get asked, “What should I feed my puppy?” Or “What food do you recommend?”

Life's-Abundance-Dog-FoodIn the past we’ve fed our dogs and puppies IAMS because it was widely available and was branded as a “premium” dog food. That premium branding leads consumers to believe we are feeding our dogs something healthy and nutritious but if we look at the ingredients more closely we see a different story. We see things like animal by products, dyes, additives and preservatives we can barely pronounce in most major pet food brands. Animal byproducts are the parts of the animal deemed unfit for human consumption; bones, beaks, feet, meat from diseased animals, contaminated slaughterhouse meats…you name it and it’s allowed to be in your dog’s food. Chemicals like BHA and BHT are known carcinogens but are added to the food to prolong shelf life to months or even years!  Luckily, we discovered Life’s Abundance Dog Food.Double Doodle with a fleece coat

We all know inherently, that proper nutrition is one of the most important factors in our health and longevity. The same is true for our pets. Genetically speaking, our pets are wired to live as long as 20 years but due to improper diets, the current average is closer to 13-15 years. Some say as much as 60% of degenerative disease can be attributed to diet.

The good news is we have found a dog food we truly believe is different; a guaranteed fresh food that is generally delivered to customers within six-eight weeks of being made, delivered directly to our door, full of high quality ingredients! Click here for more information.

We were introduced to Life’s Abundance Nutritional System and our dogs LOVE it! We love that we can feel good about giving it to them. When we read the ingredients list we don’t see a bunch of chemicals and poor quality proteins. Instead we see chicken, turkey, rice, oat groats, even carrots and blueberries! The high quality of the food and the high standards of the company, coupled with the many testimonials from satisfied customers convinced us to make the switch to Life’s Abundance.

Labradoodle PuppyOur goal at Creekside Kennels is to provide you with a happy, healthy pup with an awesome temperament and we really feel this food will help us to do that. The products were formulated and are backed by Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM, a holistic veterinarian with over 20 years of experience. Dr. Bicks served as the president of the American Veterinary Association of NYC and has authored several books on the responsible care and treatment of pets and has appeared on the Discovery Channel, CNN and more. We also love that a portion of the proceeds from the sales of her products are contributed to a nonprofit supporting rescue pets!

We have switched all of our adults dogs to the Life’s Abundance Nutritional System and are raising or pups on it as well. We feel strongly that this system will help to ensure long and healthy lives for our dogs and their pups. At first glance the food does seem more expensive than store bought brands. However, we have to remember that because the food has a higher calorie count and is more nutritionally dense, we’ll be feeding LESS of it. As an added bonus, this means the dogs will be able to readily digest more of the food and will produce less waste! This is great news! Longer lives, healthier dogs AND less mess to clean up.

Lisa Deal
Independent Field Representative

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