Summer is here! With that comes warmer weather, family gatherings and of course the 4th of July! While Independence Day is a favorite holiday for many, it’s not always so much fun for our canine companions. Here are some tips for a safe 4th of July with your pup during this busy season.

1. Candy is NOT for dogs! The temptation to share some of your treats may be strong but don’t. Many candies are toxic to dogs, including all types of chocolate.Also, some of the foods you may be partaking in at family gatherings and barbeques won’t sit will in Fido’s tummy either. It’s best to take along some dog approved and safe treats just for your furry buddy. He’ll appreciate the gesture and you’ll be sure he isn’t eating anything that might be a problem for him.


 2. Be sure your dog’s ID tags are up to date and attached to his collar.  Halloween can be hectic and busy. It’s possible your furry friend could slip out the front door unnoticed Having up to date ID will make it easier for him to find his way home.



3. Give your dog a safe space. Especially if your dog is wary of strangers, make sure he has somewhere quiet to go to get away from the stress and bustle of busy get togethers.  Be sure your guests are aware of your furry friend so that they don’t accidentally let him out the door either.

5. Don’t leave your dog outside unattended or unleashed! This particular holiday can be VERY scary to our dogs. They don’t understand that those big booms and explosions are celebratory. To them, they can be terrifying, EVERY year scared doggo’s run away and get lost from their families on the 4th of July. Make SURE your furry buddy is secured at all times. Try to make sure he has somewhere safe to be during the fireworks show and even put on some soothing music or white noise to help drown out the scary sounds.

“EVERY year scared dogs run away and get lost from their familie’s on the 4th of July.”