When Starting a Pet Care Business Is for You

The world has changed to the point where dissatisfaction in the corporate environment has small business start-ups increasing.  Statistics report that 65.3% of small businesses are profitable. With the pet industry experiencing a rise in consumerism, starting a pet-based business sounds like the obvious choice for people who are passionate about animals. 

Why Starting a Pet Care Business Is a Great Option

One of the best reasons to start a pet-based business is the rise in spending among pet owners. In 2021, Americans spent $123.6 billion on their pets. Inflation is driving the prices of pet products and services up, and while 73% of pet owners admit to being concerned about rising costs, they are still spending on care for their furry friends. If animals are your passion, now is the time to live your dreams through self-employment in the pet industry.

What Kind of Pet Care Businesses Should I Start?

Any service or product you can think of venturing into is a good option if it makes use of your talents. Here are some popular pet care-based services to consider:

  • Pet sitter

  • Mobile pet groomer 

  • Doggie daycare

  • Making fresh food or treats 

  • Blogs/writing

  • Pet photography

  • Dog walker

  • Pooper scooper

  • Dog trainer

  • Making or selling pet products

How Do I Start My Home-Based Pet Business in Mapleton, IL?

One of the first steps of starting a home business is researching your current market. Learn about the purchasing habits of your pet owners and determine their motivation and needs. Also, research your competitors to help determine successful business practices and how you stand apart from these entities.

Another step you should take is to create a business plan. The SBA website or local chamber of commerce in Mapleton, IL has guides for completing this task. You’ll need to decide on a name for your business and register it to get your Employer Identification Number for filing tax forms. When you register, you’ll select a business structure. In addition, you’ll need to file for permits and possibly get licensed and bonded. Doing so gains client trust. 

How Should I Market My Pet-Based Business?

There are some efficient ways to market your business. Start by signing up for social media accounts, then posting regularly, which will draw people to your page. Then, start a website. Many existing pet sites are not updated regularly, which undermines their companies’ credibility and decreases site visits. So ensure your site is modern, stays up to date, and includes a blog. 

If you’re in a service-based business, promote yourself locally by placing your logo on your vehicle, shirts, mugs, or other products to market your business. If you can’t afford a graphic designer when starting, you can make a free custom logo by performing a simple search for an online logo creation site. The process is user-friendly and intuitive and will allow you to search icons based on the business type. You may use your text with any color options, fonts, and icons you can choose. 

Now Is the Perfect Time

Now is the perfect time to start a pet care-based business. So follow the steps above and get started today. For more information on dogs and pet care services, visit the Mapleton, IL-based Creekside Doodles website, www.creeksidedoodles.com or www.fureverfriend.info.