For this story, we introduce you to Penny, one of our guardian home dogs and a princess by nature. Penny was pregnant with Aussiedoodle puppies but was still several days away from her due date according to our calendar. My parents were taking trip to Texas to visit my uncle who was suffering with ALS. They decided to take Penny along just so they could keep an eye on her, even though she was not due for several days. Penny was more comfortable with my parents than she was with the rest of us at the time. They all piled into the motorhome, mom , dad, Bindi and Penny, and drove on down to Texas for their visit with my uncle John. They took the two dogs to the beach for a walk, had a nice visit etc. On the way home in the motorhome, Penny started trying to make a nest and grumping at Bindi. She was hiding in a blanket behind the passenger seat. Because of this, my parents decided they would not be stopping for the night but were going to drive straight home, hoping to get Penny back home before the aussiedoodle babies came. They made it Springfield, IL before Penny hopped up on the couch and had the first puppy. Mom had to grab all the towels she could find to help protect the couch and then had to sit on the couch next to Penny, with one leg up across the edge of the sofa to keep Penny and any pups from rolling off. By the time they made it back to Canton, there were 5 brand new aussiedoodles in the back of that motorhome!