I am going to use preface this one by saying I am allergic to cats, so is Riley and probably so is Clay. So historically we have not had cats as pets since Riley was about 2 and we confirmed her cat allergy.  But, as always, circus music is my theme song and things are generally crazy here. 

One fine spring morning in March/April 2021 my crew of crazy dogs had gone outside to the backyard of our old house to play. I was inside working on some mundane housework task I am sure. Probably laundry because there never seems to be an end to that.. or dishes. Do they actually multiply when they are put in the sink?? Anyway.. I was inside doing something that I’m sure was super boring and since the universe hates for me to be bored… I heard the dogs making quite the ruckus outside. I wandered out there meaning to just tell them to be quiet but Maggie was flipping out about something inside the shed, barking, whining, running in and out of the shed like a crazy woman.. so I decided there but be a mouse or a bird or something trapped in there. I walked out to the shed to take a peak and at first I saw nothing of interest. I told Maggie to knock it off and went back inside. The dogs were quiet for awhile but then again, the rioting started back up, mostly Maggie again. So back out I went, again, I saw NOTHING of any interest in this stupid shed. There were just a couple of old sleds and some rakes along with a couple boxes up on shelf.  This time though, as I was walking out of the shed I heard the tiniest little “meow” I have ever heard. I started digging around and found a box up on one of the shelves with two TINY kittens in it and no mama to be found. I put the dogs inside for awhile hoping to see mama coming back to the shed but after 3-4 hours I had seen no sign of her. The kittens obviously could not stay in a box in this shed with my dogs milling around waiting to eat them ( I am absolutely certain Maggie was NOT trying to save them). So, because I couldn’t leave them out there to starve or be eaten by dogs I brought the scrawny little things inside. My vet said they were 3-4 days old and mom had most likely fled because of the dogs. This meant I, really allergic to cats, was left with bottle raising these two tiny kittens, telling my family the whole time that they will NOT be staying with us permanently because I am allergic. Well, George and Munkie are a year old now and have turned into beautiful cats… and they DO still live with us because everyone fell in love with them. So far so good as long as I take Zyrtec every day!