How many of our dog can fall in the pool in one summer? Our current record is 3. 

We moved into this house in May of 2021 and there is a pool in the backyard. It’s surrounded by a large deck with a gate that is meant to keep kids, dogs, etc away from said pool. The gate has a latch even so I do not expect to have issues with dogs getting in the water.  We also bought a solar cover for the pool to warm it up more quickly, because we are all wimps and don’t like to swim when the water is chilly. The solar cover vaguely resembles industrial strength bubble wrap and covered the entire top of the pool when it is rolled out. So, Dobby is visiting for a week last summer and Dobby also happens to have hops like an NBA player. I should have remembered this before I let him Into the yard. I let him out, go back in to make coffee and just happen to look out the window and see Dobby sinking into the middle of the solar cover!!! Dude has jumped the gate and thought the cover was solid enough to walk on. He was mistaken and now has started to sink into the water and panic. I have to go running out in my pajamas, hop in he extremely chilly water and bail him out before he can drown himself. 

A couple weeks later.. Holly, who even though she is 9 months old at the time, can miraculously snake her way in between the railings on the pool deck and its gate, does basically the same thing, only poor Holly isn’t heavy enough to sink on the solar cover. She just gets to the center, realizes she has made a mistake and flops down like pancake, stranded in the middle of the pool on top of the solar cover. At least that time I didn’t have to actually jump in the water.. just roll the cover up til Miss Holly got to the edge and could jump off. We put chicken wire up behind the railing on the gate after that and stapled it on.. Not the best looking fix but no one can fit through the spaces and get stuck on the deck or in the pool now.

Then.. a couple weeks later Lyla is outside for a potty break when I am not home, Clay notices she too has fallen into the pool, She is swimming and keeping her head above water but can’t figure out how to climb the ladder to get out. He has to jump in the pool and save her from herself. Turns out, someone broke the gate latch and she was able to just push it open with her snout. So now,. New gate latch was installed, chicken wire is still in place, hopefully we only have dogs in the pool when we invite them this year.