Ginny shits her pants…

I have not yet gotten the full story here but knowing Ginny I am sure its a funny one. Since our girls are pets first and live in our homes, when they come into heat they usually wear these goofy looking dog panties. They’re basically a glorified washable diaper that you can add a sanitary pad to, so you can keep your girl in the house without getting blood all over the furniture, carpet etc. So, Assumedly Miss Ginny was in heat and her Parents, Nate and Bethany had her wearing one of the diapers while visiting with friends. Ginny escapes from them on the friend’s property and goes for a run, with the diaper still on. Somewhere along the way she decided she had to poop.. still with the diaper on. Long story short, Miss Ginny shit her pants while running from her parents custody and had to be captured, the nasty diaper removed and her stinky bum washed before they could head home. The horror..

I can also say, Ginny is not alone in the pants pooping club. Sparkles did this to me once as she got older and needed to wear her diaper at night so she didn’t pee in her bed. One morning, really early, Sparkles decided she had to go outside.. LIKE RIGHT NOW. I was half asleep and just not quick enough I guess. She was crapping her diaper as we headed out the door with me desperately trying to get it off her before she was completely covered in the mess. We ended with more poop on me and the floor than we did in the diaper or on Sparkles. What an exciting start to the day!