For today’s Monday Mayhem we are going to fast forward¬† to the time she and Siren escaped from the backyard and went on a 9 hour romp around Peoria while we had PAWS, Lost Dogs IL, volunteers and myself and kids out looking for them. They clocked around 30 miles that day if all of the sightings were actually them. People called in sightings at at the Country Jail, up on Reservoir near Sterling Ave, a gas station down the street from our house. These girls were all over the place. Oddly, though me neighbors at the time really loved to call PAWS any time the dogs barked or they thought one of my dogs was out of the yard, no one called them that day. PAWS even had an officer driving around looking for them for a bit but they managed to evade the law and continue on their escapade.

Eventually Addy and I tracked them to a trailer park about a mile and a half from home and spent the next two hours trying to coax two completely filthy, very scared and very tired dogs into my car. Both dogs were so disoriented they acted like they didn’t know us. Ellie was eventually won over by Addy’s persistence and her bag of smelly dog treats. Shortly afterward Siren decided she didn’t want to continue her run alone and also got in the car.

They smelled like cow crap and death, were completely covered from head to toe in mud or manure.. not really sure which and Ellie had so many burrs of so many different kids she had to be completely shaved.. like to the skin. She spent the next few weeks looking like a shaved rat but came through it basically unscathed. I am pretty sure they both slept for 2 days straight but we were so glad to have our girls back safe.