In this episode of Monday Mayhem, we’ll introduce Evie. Evie is Siren’s daughter and much like her mother and her sister, Ellie, she constantly keeps me on my toes. Evie/s registered name is Creekside’s Perfect Storm. Keep that in mind as we talk about her. Evie was originally meant to become a goose hunting dog with a family over in Missouri but, due to her extremely high drive nature and inability to self regulate, she managed to tear her ACL when she was just 7 weeks old! This happened while she was running like a wild woman around the yard and tripped in one of Romeo’s sneaky ankle breaking holes that he likes to dig ( more on that in another post). For that reason, she was unable to be sent to Missouri as a hunting dog. My vet was unsure she would be able to meet the physical requirements of hunting and so we replaced her with another of her siblings and she stayed with us. Her leg healed up nicely and she shows zero signs of pain these days. However, this girl was meant for a job and because she didn’t have one, she often made up her own jobs, or found things to chew on to vent her frustration. 

At around a year old she was playing fetch in the basement with Clay on a rainy evening when she suddenly began to vomit uncontrollably. You guessed it., trip to the vet and some x-rays showed what he thought was a blockage. This was not totally surprising as Evie ( or Evil as she was then called)  was notorious for chewing tee shirts..underwear..socks..pretty much anything fabric. The fun part is, her guts were so full of gas and food that it was difficult to tell where exactly this blockage might or might not be so the vet decided on exploratory surgery to get to it. Turns out, the little brat had already passed the offending piece of tee shirt and had surgery for nothing! I found the piece of shirt the next day in the yard. 

Next is one of my personal favorites. Evie had just had a bath and was chilling in the house when I remembered Clay and I had plans for dinner with some friends. I didn’t want to put her back out in the yard because she would get muddy, and for whatever reason, I chose not to crate her (possibly because like her mother and sister she is a destroyer of crates). I shut her in the bathroom with a chew toy thinking we would not be gone that long, However, we WERE gone quite a while and when we returned she had shredded the entire bathroom floor! I mean, I wanted new flooring in there anyway but it was in ribbons and she looked so very proud of herself when I opened that door that I had to take a picture.