With as many dogs as we have it is difficult to get away sometimes, even for work related trips. Several years ago, when we had fewer dogs and smaller kids, I had to go to Chicago for a School Board Convention for the weekend. Clay was invited as well so Nate and Bethany agreed to stay with the kids and babysit them AND the furry swarm. I called on Saturday morning to check in on them and they said everything was going great! Everyone was behaving, dogs and kids, and they had done a movie night and pizza the night before. I was so relieved. I expected the kids to be ok but truthfully, the dogs are always up to some shenanigans when I am gone. I found out later, from Nate, that Bethany only SAID everything was going fine because she was afraid I’d be mad if I found out that Sparkles had gotten into a bag of sugar while they were buying pizza’s and had crapped all over the house while they were gone with the kids. That poor girl had only been part of this crazy family for a short time and she was worried I’d be mad at her because my dogs were asshats while I was gone. Apparently Ms. Sparkles decided to counter surf a 4lb bag of sugar, eat a bunch of it, get it all over the floors and counters and then, because that much sugar would make anyone sick, proceeded to have diarrhea all over the floors. I can only imagine the horror.. thinking you’re going to have a fun pizza and movie night with your nieces and nephew only to open the door to this tragedy. Sugar EVERYWHERE, poop EVERYWHERE, eye watering stench I’m sure. I would have been livid.. Oh, and to top it off,, we were OUT OF PAPER TOWELS!!!  They had to leave again and buy cleaning supplies to take care of the insanity, I decided at that point that anyone babysitting my dogs deserved hazard pay. Also, Bethany.. you’re the real MVP for that. Cleaning up after my idiot dog and acting like you didn’t want to run screaming into the night. Respect ma’am.