I almost forgot this little gem of a story. We are back to Evie with this one. This one happened about 3 years ago. Evie is heavily pregnant at the time, it has been raining for DAYS and the yard is such a mess I don’t even want to let the dogs outside at all. But, you know, when you’re preggers you have to pee, like all the time. So, Evie is begging to go outside and pee, the rain has stopped for the time being. I let her out with her mom and Sister and went off to do some laundry while they stretched their legs for a bit. About 30 minutes later I decide its time for them to come back in so I call them back up to the house. Siren comes, so does Ellie, but Evie doesn’t… she is nowhere to be found. There are no holes under the fence and there is NO WAY this hugely pregnant dog jumped a 6 foot privacy fence. So I’m out here calling and calling this dog wondering what on earth when I hear her whining.. from under the shed. This dog had decided to dig herself burrow like some wild ass coyote and thought she was having her puppies under that shed, in the nasty wet mud. She failed to make a big enough opening though and got her giant self STUCK UNDER THE SHED. She was trying to get out but was wedged in there under one of the floor braces. The shed sat on this massive pallet my dad had gotten from his employer and there is no way I can move it or jack it up because the ground is soggy and soft. So, I end up on my hands and knees in the mud with a flipping shovel, very carefully shoveling the dirt away from under this goofy, and now scared dog until I can pull her out. She is completely covered in mud, stressed, but oh so very excited to be free…promptly smothering me in mud covered doggy kisses before being hauled back into the house for a bath. This is why my hair is all turning gray. I am sure of it.