In our next installment of Monday Mayhem we have a case of a silent heat and unexpected puppies.  In 2017 I decided it was time for Sparkles to retire from her days as a mama. She had produced several gorgeous litters of pups but was 6 1/2 years old. I just felt it was time and so I dropped Sparkles off at the vet (that’s Dr. Mark in the photo) to be spayed before heading in to work at my son’s school. I had taken a position as a teacher’s aide for the year because my son’s class was huge (35 students) and an aide was necessary. I sign all the necessary paperwork, leave my Sparkie dog in the hands of the vet techs and off I go to work, thinking I would just pick her up in the afternoon and take her home to pamper for the next few days.  But of course, we all know things don’t often go as planned and around lunch time I received a voicemail from my vet’s office asking me to please call them. This was followed by a text directly to me from my vet’s cell phone. At this point I am thinking something must have gone wrong. I brace myself for the worst, excuse myself from the classroom and go to to the teacher’s lounge to call him back.  Turns out, Sparkles was just fine but she was also PREGNANT!! She had apparently had a silent heat and had had herself s rendezvous with Rocco unbeknownst to me. For those who are not familiar with dog lingo, a silent heat is a heat/estrus cycle, in which the dog shows none of the usual signs of heat. Normally Sparkles was a pretty heavy bleeder and she was absolutely bonkers when she was in heat… demanding attention, panting, barking at everything. This time..none of that had happened, she had not expressed any added interest in Rocco, nor he in her as far as I had seen.  BUT.. after sedating her for surgery, Jess, one of the vet techs, was feeling her tummy and thought she felt pups, sure enough when Dr. Mark checked, there were definitely buns in the oven.He called to let me know that he could go ahead with the surgery if I wanted but that, if he did, the techs were going to be very upset with him.  Needles to say, I told them to forget the spay and wake her promiscuous butt up and I would be there to get her after school. Fast forward 4 weeks and we have a litter of 8 double doodle pups, our Rue being one of them.  Thanks to Jess for being awesome her job!