How long is too long for summer?

I swear I’m a dog, not a mop!

Looking for the best summer hairdo?

Summer is finally here!  Or is it? Hard to tell here in IL since its 80 and sunny one day and 59 and rainy the next… anyway, for the purposes of this post, Summer is here! Hooray!!  

We all want our Doodle to look and feel great! In order ot maintain the ideal look, your furry friend needs to be groomed regularly. A professional groomer is usually a good choice but some owners like to take matters into their own hands. Take into consideration that a groomer goes through training and has years of experience to get your dood looking fabulous. If you choose to try your hand at grooming be prepared for some botched hair cuts and bad hair days while you get the hang of it.

Let’s talk about summer coat length for your furry friend. There are many factors to consider: comfort, you preferred look, the amount of time you have to maintain the coat and your doods regular environment.

“A dog’s long coat may actually insulate him FROM excess heat.”

Your buddy’s comfort should be a high priority. You want your doodles to be as comfortable as possible as the summer temperatures start to climb. It seems logical that a short coat would be an easy choice right? A dog’s coat acts as an insulator, trapping their body heat right? Just like a sweater would overheat us in the summer, a dog’s long coat would make him too hot. So let’s just cut it all off! BUT WAIT! There is another line of thinking on this subject. There is thermal imaging evidence that suggest that a dog’s coat actually insulates him FROM the heat, keeping excess heat away from his body. For this reason, some owners prefer to keep their dogs’ coats long during the summer months. It may seem crazy but its something to consider when deciding on your dog’s summer cut.


“Your buddy’s comfort should be a high priority when deciding on a summer hair cut.”

Doodles’ coats can be cut in many styles, ranging rom a long natural coat, requiring daily combing, to something very short and easy to care for. Doodle coats grow continuously, thanks to their poodle ancestors. They must have regular grooming to keep their good looks and avoid matting. Longer coats are not for the faint of heart or for those short on time.

If you prefer a longer coat on your beloved pooch, daily combing through to the skin is necessary to prevent painful matting. Once matted, the coat often has to be shaved to remove the matts. Owners with busy lives often choose shorter styles for their doods, especially during the hectic summer months. A short cut on the body with longer hair on the face and tail is very common and keeps the “doodle look” while providing for easier maintenance. With this cut only the face and tail need to be combed, which can be done in a matter of minutes. this is how our Creekside Doodles are usually groomed, because with multiple dogs we simply don’t have time to keep up with long coats. Also, our doggos love to swim and hike and get dirty so short coats are so much more in line with our lifestyle.

Your dood’s environment should also be considered. Will your buddy be relaxing in your living room in the AC all summer, going outside only when nature calls? If so, a longer coat will work just fine. Or will be  be outside running through tall grass, joining you on camping trips, swimming and digging holes? Exploring in the woods perhaps? Active outdoor doods may be more comfortable with a short coat that is lower maintenance. It is easier on them and MUCH easier on their owners.

Environment, style preference, your available time for maintenance and your dog’s comfort should all be considered when choosing a summer hair cut. We all want our doods to look great, but not at the expense of their comfort. We hope you and your dood have a safe, comfy summer!