This blog has been going out, albeit sporadically, for quite awhile now and its been a bit since I’ve introduced myself and my crazy crew. Some of you may have bought puppies from me so you’ve likely met me and some of my doggos. Other’s of you may have popped onto the website and found the blog there ( thanks for that by the way) but you might not have actually met me or my pack of four legged goons, so, without further ado, I’m Lisa and I’m a dog addict. It’s been 0 days since I obsessively cuddled my heart dog, Siren, and told her what an amazing, gorgeous, sweet angel she is. It’s also been 0 days since the word’s “bitch, why are you sooo loud ALL THE TIME??” left my mouth. Siren happens to be a talker… one of her favorite cues is “talk shit” which is basically “speak” and she’s super good at it.  She is just one of the 15 dogs I currently own. Give that a minute to soak in. I have 15 dogs who spend time in the house, and thank goodness, in my 2 acre yard. As you can imagine, there are shenanigans… lots of them…every day. Case in point, Wednesday this week I got up to let everyone out to pee and Siren refused to go out because she wasn’t ready to get up yet ( old dog and kind of obstinate) so i went out to let the others out. While i was outside herding everyone off the deck and into the yard,  Miss SIren decided to counter surf and found a bowl of beef fat that was meant for the chickens. The bowl also happened to have jalapeno seeds in it from the birria I made the night before. This was also meant for the chickens, not a 12 yr old lab with a gas problem, but, given that she has zero impulse control and a bottomless stomach, she ate the beef fat and the jalapeno seeds. The day was off to a great start! Don’t worry, she was fine… just had more gas than usual (girl can clear a room on a good day).  Then I decided because the weather was nice, I would take my laptop outside and work on the deck while the dogs played. I totally forgot I left the cover open on the hot tub and Coco decided that after he had run through the muddy lower part of the yard, a dip in the hot tub would be a great start to his day. He LOVES water and i should have known better. Now my hot tub is a muddy, dog hair filled disaster that I need to drain and refill. Probably needed a good cleaning anyway but I hadn’t even finished my coffee yet!!  THEN, I came back inside to find that Gidget ( who can’t run with the other dogs because she is old and half blind and a tiny terrier with the attitude of a malinois) had pooped on the carpet. Mind you she had already gone out on a leash for a walk, taken a fat deuce in the front yard but apparently she saved me a little for the white carpet too. Such a considerate little beastie. Anywho, just a taste of my week this week! It’s not all puppy kisses and roses but I seem to thrive in chaos so life with these dorks is a good fit. Raising dogs and spending time with this many of them certainly requires a sense of humor and more patience than i ever thought i could muster! I wouldn’t trade it though. More to come next week so stay tuned!